Franck Condon: Purity Hall

condon_purityThere is a very strong chance that you will not find another disc that takes its inspiration from classes on polymer chemistry and physics, advanced NMR spectroscopy, and nanostructured biomacromolecules. On the other hand, when you do find one, such as Franck Condon’s Purity Hall, you’ll end up with long-form drone-based flows. Wim Dehaen is the man behind Franck Condon, and in grabbing hold of ideas brought on by the aforementioned topics while working on his master’s degree in chemistry, he furthers his alternative studies in the musical application of mathematical techniques and the visual representation of sound. The five tracks here cover a deeply hypnotic hour’s time and while each shows a bit of its own character, across the board it’s fairly straightforward drone. I like the almost church-organ-like sound at the front of “Deceptive Simplicity,” and the way it has a slight organic waver to it. Dehean makes a smooth transition mid-track to a rougher and more complex sound. “Umplong” is the deepest drift here. It’s soft and hissing, with good dynamics within its slow and calm movement.

Those who like drone will find a lot to dig into on Purity Hall. For the most part it’s fairly low-dynamic, without a lot of easily perceptible change going on. As a sort of mind-salving, time-stretching listen, however, it’s quite good; Dehaen doesn’t put any bumps or sudden stops in the flow, so the listener gets an hour of deep listening.

Available from Runningonair.

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