Yellow6 and David Newlyn: O.S.

yellow6_OSHere’s a space where drowsy guitars lingering at the edge of post-rock meet underplayed electronic textures. The new collaboration between Yellow6 (aka Jon Attwood) and David Newlyn has a raw, improvised feel and an unhurried pace that makes its brief 38 minutes pass much more slowly. Attwood plays like a guy who’s idly noodling, each note only occurring to him the moment before it’s played–but it’s always the right note. Long pauses hang in the air, which Newlyn fills with gossamer-weight drones and pads. Adding to the atmosphere is that wherever Attwood’s part was recorded, the space has the wide, hollow resonance of an empty garage or dank basement, and the notes ring lightly off the walls. The two artists complement each other perfectly, with Attwood taking the somewhat gritty, roughened side of the equation and Newlyn the refined, rounded edges. Newlyn’s work never presumes to take the front or to draw attention to itself, and that makes it work all the more. It’s the waking-dream backdrop, the smoky haze curling around the room. A great, atmosphere-filled release well worth checking out.

Available from Sound in Silence.

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