Toaster: Sariel

toaster_sarielThree tracks, three different approaches, and just 32 minutes long. Sariel makes for a good, quick take from Toaster (aka Todd Elliott). After a short burble of tones, “Is Born” works itself into a moody ambient drift. It’s a straightforward, relaxing piece. “Variant IV” was recorded live, as many of Elliott’s “Variant” pieces are. This one is a long and dark-edged dronespace that opens with processed groans and eerie, misty chords. Over the course of 18 minutes the flow varies in depth, but tends to keep its weighty edge. Vocal samples sweep through behind the sound, and Elliott slowly modulates the drift toward a wider, more open sound and a subtle arcing toward a lighter tone without fully delving into it. The closer, “Ophanim,” is a plodding, mutated electro-pop tune weighted down at the bass end of the keyboard but lacking none of the groove. Muffled thumps and industrial clanks serve for beats, and a strangled vocal sample mutters below the mix. It’s quick and catchy in its off-kilter way. A good sampler from Toaster.

Available at Bandcamp.

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