Warszawa: Kinetica

warsz_kineticaI worry sometimes that I don’t put enough personal emphasis on the headier philosophical aspects of the music I listen to. According to the PR blurb on the Carbon 12 Records site, “Warszawa explores alternative views of cultural and technical periods in art and sciences. […] Kinetica is a soundtrack to the exploits of the East in respect to technological advancements.” And here I was, just sort of grooving to it. In this 36-minute aural snack, Warszawa launches rapid-fire, dance-music beats and glitchy textures wrapped in a lightly old-school feel. There’s a nice angular edge to the music that calls earlier EM to mind. (The label also says there’s an electronic body music [EBM] influence at play. You’ll catch that at its strongest in the “Gulag Lockdown Mix” of “Interkosmos.” It’s a big, aggressive, pulsing nod to the 90s.) There are basically four tracks and two remixes here, all thoroughly shot through with hooks and nicely crafted. From the playful tones and thumping bass drum of “Dscnt” to the spacemusic-turned-spacegroove of “Wostock,” Kinetica is an infectious, if brief, ride. Save the philosophy for after you’ve enjoyed Kinetica a few times. First, just turn up the volume.

Available from Carbon 12 Records.

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