Dreissk: Edge_Horizon

dreissk_edgeThe place where the hooks and melodic aspects of post-rock get matched with industrial’s weight and force of impact, with the whole thing wrapped in some near-dark ambient and dusted with glitch, is the exact spot you’re in when listening to Dreissk’s engaging second release, “Edge_Horizon.” Kevin Patzelt takes his listeners on a well-modulated ride that can range from the piston-driving punch of “The Rising Tide,” which has the heft of Nine Inch Nails squared off against calm electronica, to the soulful, dramatic piano in “Through,” which also features glitch and electronic artist Anklebiter. This is a disc with several well-made faces. The dark, driving pulse of “Arc” begs to be turned up. This is a great pairing of the industrial side with an underlying work that falls somewhere between a Berlin School style and a big, cinematic Vangelis piece (whom Patzelt cites as an influence). When this track finally lets go of you, you may find that you’ve been holding your breath a little. “What Awaits” gives you pounding drums over long ambient pads, and “Waning Light” takes those spacemusic-worthy pads and wraps them around echoing guitar and percussion that starts off subtle and then grows. Throughout Edge_Horizon there’s a very nice dirtiness of sound,a gritty distortion forming a frame around the more straightforward sounds. The whole thing is shot through with a genuinely potent visceral feel–this stuff digs in and takes control. And in your ears, it’s big–deep, varied and packing a really sense of dimension. A great release from Dreissk.

Available from N5MD.

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