Tron Syversen: Sacred Dreams

The broad scope of New Age music means that there is a listening audience for virtually every release. That being said, I am not among those in the audience who will enjoy Tron Syversen’s Sacred Dreams. Call it healing music, call it relaxation music, I found myself needing to skim quickly from one saccharine track to the next. Syversen’s playing is lovely enough in a neo-classical-influenced way, but the disc’s constant lullaby cadence makes it all feel very much the same, track to track, and the unvarying “looo looo looo” vocals, like a mother cooing to a baby, don’t help matters any.

Syversen has a good number of samples on his site, and I suggest that if you’re a “bookstore New Age” listener, you give them a try. As for me, well, I’m writing this review so I can stop listening. Harsh but honest.

Available at Tron Music.

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