Strøm, Fold

Micro-sound minimalism based on live improvisations, constructed in keeping with the mathematical theories of a 17th century German philosopher. If that didn’t lose you, you might find Fold, the second release from the duo Strøm, to your liking. If, like me, that sort of thing makes you feel horribly lost and alone in a great big field of abstract musical theory, then you’ll likely find the work to be a little obtuse and dull. Gaudenz Badrutt and Christian Müller indulge in an hour’s worth of what the album’s press materials refer to as “spastic sound multiplications,” which doesn’t come off sounding positive. In practice, it’s long test-pattern drones splashed somewhat randomly with burbles of noise and, every now and then, a great big crush of electronic interference. I’m sure that there’s some form of higher musical thinking going on here, but I couldn’t get away from Fold fast enough. If you’re into extremely abstract work, shoot over to the label and check it out.

Available from Domizil.

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