Dissolved, The Amber Surrealizations

Another big dollop of sonic acid trip from the twisted mind of Dissolved. Please remain seated as this glitch-fueled ride takes you through synapse-frying beats, enormous hammers of dance-music memes, and wayward sound-clips from an obscure horror movie. Your pulse rises with the BPMs as Dissolved convinces your body to groove along with the madness whether you’re aware of it or not. A sure hand on the throttle lets Dissolved confidently ramp the pace up and down, curving the ride through spaces of weirdness and discomfort, only to come blasting out the far side at speed, strapped to a beat that’s ready to explode. It’s not easy to encapsulate all the things going on in a Dissolved disc; what matters is that it all comes together feeling like you’re in the hands of a sonic craftsman with a mischievous sense of humor and a deep inner groove. As off-putting as it can be at first, the further into you go, the more you understand. Give The Amber Surrealizations a shot. The payoff is waiting.

Available from Daddy Tank.

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