C.Db.Sn, …At the End of It All

I freely confess that when it comes to glitch-based discs, I all too often find myself in the “didn’t I just hear this?’ mode as yet another track snaps, crackles and pops past on its way to being less than memorable. I gladly advise you that I never entered this mode while listening to …At the End of It All from C.Db.Sn. Chase Dobson infuses his textbook glitchwork with strong melodic elements, cinematic vistas and laid-back tonal elements. All the flurry and flutter of glitch is there, pinned down in spots with the coarsely ground bass of a dubstep influence, but Dobson can also cut loose and soar unfettered by the traditional elements. The break in “Airport (Never Land)” is smooth and relaxing as Dobson drops the heavy electronics in favor of an echo-rich piano melody. The title track cruises with top-down-convertible cool on lounge-worthy vibraphone tones. There’s a quick drop where most might throw in a frenzy of glitch and a truckload of bass, but Dobson just ups the vibes and sets a course for more ahhh. I could listen to this track all day. It’s a piece that I distinctly feel as it moves along. “A Silent Sea” carries a backdrop that feels like a cross between an old-school sequencer line and an electronic version of The Edge’s “firestorm guitar.”  Dobson melts a big chunk of drama into the quite-dubsteppy “Seven Days Warning.” This tracks stalks you, taking slow and menacing steps, a constant wub-wub heartbeat throbbing in your ears. Great atmosphere. …At the End of It All is one of the rare glitch-based discs that stays in my personal rotation. It’s smart–and smart enough to know when to lay off the standard-issue stuff. Great work from C.Db.Sn.

Available from Tympanik Audio.

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