Mitoma, Satellite Hive

The duo Mitoma piece together speedy glitch constructs and IDM grooves on their new release, Satellite Hive. You get what you expect here. The beats are thick and hard-hitting. The glitch-work fires at synaptic-overload speed. Repetitive elements lend it bit of a hypnotic feel in spots. (Check “Residual,” for example.) Throw in a bit of a dark edge and the occasional lean toward the more industrial side of the scale, and that’s Satellite Hive. High point for me here is “Rawling 4851,” which comes off like the theme to a science fiction show if it was done by Prodigy. Your pulse rate cranks up, your body takes up the beat, it’s fun. For me as a listener, however, Satellite Hive is pretty much Yet Another Glitch Disc. If you can’t get enough of the stuff, give it a listen. (You may want to move quickly, however; the run is limited to 100 copies.)

Available from Daddy Tank.

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