Amongst Myselves, Ambient, Landscape and Space

For his new release, Amongst Myselves (aka Steve Roberts) pulls some older tracks off the shelf to remix, along with three new tracks, to go with a DVD of his time-lapse-based visual art. The result, musically, is a mixed yet quite acceptable bag of styles that bring the listener through various spaces. Aided by Bernard Hasseloff on guitar synth and Garry Roberts on electronic percussion, Amongst Myselves keeps his creations mostly on the spacier side of things, with a couple of forays into dark zones. (Like the effectively creepy and aptly titled “Interlude – The Dark and The Cold.”) “Greybox Shadow (Into the Light Mix)” kicks the disc off with bass-heavy space-tones–a very classic sound that represents Roberts’ stronger side here. “Argo Navis (Blinded Mix)” does a great job of straddling the border between smooth ambient and interesting experimental. A buzz carves its way through rising ambient waves as wayward, warbling notes mark the passage. The roughness of the buzz, and its persistent presence, makes a nice counterpoint. I also like the heavy tribal drive at play in “Southern Lights (Black Hole Mix)” and way Roberts pairs it off against cavernous, shadow-shrouded drones. A very nice 10-minute ride that’s as effective when the percussion is pounding as it is when it widens out  and sets the listener loose. Speaking of drifts, Roberts is at his best here on the long, quiet washes of “Up Into the Air and Over the Edge (Between the Trees and Clouds Mix),” which starts out with soft rushes of cool wind that nudge along a patient melody. It’s quieting and reflective and simply slows things down as it passes. Take out the 51 seconds of “Interstellar Message,” which has done nothing but drill unpleasantly into my skull any time it comes on, and Ambient, Landscape and Space makes for another pleasing sonic ride from Amongst Myselves.

Available from CD Baby.

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