Pascal Savy, Liminal

Twenty minutes of quiet-but-deep ambient sculptures constructed in Savy’s signature minimalist style. I’ve always appreciated the delicacy of Savy’s approach, and there is a cleanness of sound that lets each tiny element shine through. The four pieces here are distinct in style, individual pictures in a small exhibition. “Falling Inward” drifts along, a light cloud of sound that rings with tiny chimes. “Reflective Shadow” is as dark as it gets here, lower-end tones passing overhead, pulling a slight sense of grimness behind them. “Transference” is built on a gently wavering drone that cast a hypnotic spell. “Lying/Drifting” revisits the chiming tones, pushed on electronic wind and an underscore of melancholy. A short but very pleasing offering from Savy, Liminal is both an excellent introduction to his work and a good addition to his growing canon.

Available at Bandcamp.

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