Allele Memetic, Tendril

This too-brief EP, clocking in at just under half an hour, makes the most of its time by laying out some intriguing electronica. Allele Memetic does a nice job of switching up the feel of the pieces. The bouncing happiness that is “Globes” is perhaps the best track here, a straightforward, infectious groove with a bpm rate set for comfortable cruising. “Larva” is one worth diving into headphones-first. A lot of small sounds are on the move here, a floaty organ track singing softly underneath. I also like the casual stride of “Membrane,” despite it getting a little complicated, sound-wise, toward the end. Unfortunately, the release ends with the disorderly tangle of “Tangram,” a track I could do without. For a quick dose of ear-catching tunes, spend a half hour with Tendril.

Available at Bandcamp.

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