Kamil Kowalczyk, Aurora

If you do not enjoy drone–and by this I mean the absolute dictionary definition of the term turned into music, a seemingly endless stretch of what appears to be a single note, varied for the most part only by the slightest tidal pull of its own waveform–then you don’t want to listen to Kamil Kowalczyk’s Aurora. I don’t mind drone, but this was not an easy release for me to get through. The high pitch of the drone that makes up the beginning of the half-hour-long “Model II” was like listening to an old TV test pattern. A sense of “get on with it” crept in at the edges. Yes, there are subtle elements slipped into the flow, bits of electronic twiddle and pulse, but that barely wavering waveform holds court for 11 minutes before there’s so much as a shift in key–and then continues on its borderline flatline way. A second track, “Plasma,” offers another half hour of minimalist meanderings; luckily it benefits from being somewhat more dynamic. I wasn’t in as much of a hurry to be done with this one.

I’m patient; I’m just not this patient. If you’re a fan of extreme minimalism, drone and spacey isolationism, have a listen. This one’s not for me.

Available from Prototyp Produktions.

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