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Time Being, A Dimension Reflected

August 1, 2011

Although it will make me sound like a complete shill to say so, I’m of the opinion that any project involving Phillip Wilkerson is a project extremely worth listening to. His solo works, including his long-form-drone offerings as Jane’s Scenic Drive, show a diversity of approach and a willingness to re-create himself each time out. Now, paired with Jourdan Laik as the duo Time Being, Wilkerson presents another side of his growing output–a soft, reflective disc that holds time in its hands to let the listener look deep within it. A Dimension Reflected takes gentle hold immediately as Laik and Wilkerson spin a velvety cocoon of classic ambient drifts. Most of the work here is on the uplifting side; warm, light tones that float above the listener and invite you to follow, excellent exercises in slowing the breath and seeming to soften the air around you. The duo do spend a short amount of time, most notably in “Future Forming,” skirting the edges of shadow and colder spaces without dropping into total darkness. Low-end, grumbling drones are tinted with high notes that fall like sunlight in their midst. With that out of the way, the meditative movements continue, the overall flow absolutely demanding it be played on loop. This is a work that will round off the harsh edges of your day, set your mind at ease and let you peacefully wander off to some quiet space inside yourself. I do hope to hear much more from Time Being–A Dimension Reflected is a superb debut.

Available from Spotted Peccary.

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