Table, Sirens

Table’s Sirens is, I think, a disc best left to devotees of experimental music. Sirens rises out of an interesting proposition. It’s a set of live, improvised pieces created using only what instruments each of the three musicians–Jeremy Dziedzic, Craig Marlowe and Chris Hine–could fit on a single available table. From there, the music takes on a ragged unpredictability that’s more about embracing the creative moment and pushing it forward than making something that’s simply listenable. And, clearly, that’s not the prime motivation here, which I get. It’s a disc you have to come into ready for whatever happens. Although I found myself on the edge of just barely enduring the first few tracks, there is definitely something engrossing about listening to these compositions take on and develop their semi-certain shapes. “Upstate Rust” was the first track that didn’t have my finger hovering over the skip button, perhaps because it was less jagged at the edges. It pulled me in more readily than tracks before it and convinced me to listen. I was equally receptive to “Canals,” staying with it as, over the course of 11 minutes, it moved from subtle ambience to a more complex, industrial-edged structure. Where Table really kept my attention was in the three-part, half-hour long suite “Painted Memories [(R), (G) and (B)].” These three pieces, moving outward from a slow ambient base, are less off-putting, less threatening. Not to say they’re pedestrian. The challenge of listening to them is there (you’ll hit it first about two minutes into (G), and then later, intermittently), but it’s easier to work your way into them and appreciate the more avant aspects of it as they birth directly out of the process. I’m not averse to experimental music, but neither do I get deeply into it. Sirens didn’t go so far afield that it put me off completely, but it’s not something I can take a lot of in one sitting. If you’re into the experimental and avant-garde side of electronic music, Sirens is definitely worth checking out.

Available from Output Noise.

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