Enabl.ed, Saccharine Morning

There are times when I quite like the chaotic energy that drives glitch. There are times when I really admire what goes into stitching microswatches of sound together, or even just using software to turn sound into moments of noise and bring them together in a mad flurry that resolves itself into a tasty rhythm. And other times I’m really just quite done with it because it all feels overdone and repetitive. Listening to Enabl.ed’s Saccharine Morning, I go through both of these sensations. A lot of work has obviously gone into the tracks here but it’s massive tangle of sound after massive tangle of sound. The one track that truly catches me is the closer, “Girls Only.” It’s the only piece that feels like it aspires to more than lightspeed soundbursts. It takes its time and feels more developed, using the glithch instead of just overloading your head with it. Ironically, I also like the “hidden track” that’s tacked onto it after a long stretch of silence. They both show character, depth and a touch of restraint. Beyond that, Saccharine Morning moves through without leaving much of an impression; it’s another glitch/glitch-hop disc. If your taste runs to glitch, give this a listen. It may be that I’ve overdosed on microbeats lately.

Available from Global Vortex.

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