Innfallen, Three Days of Darkness

In brief, Three Days of Darkness equals 57 minutes of snarling, standard-issue dark ambient. It hisses, it grinds, it’s densely layered and it sounds evil and isolationist. And, all in all, it leaves me shrugging in indifference. I’ll be the first to admit that I may not be the best judge of dark ambient, but dark CDs that I’ve gotten into (see my reviews of Pang, Wolfskin and Phaenon) have some quality that sets them apart–a stronger sense of movement, direction or purpose that Three Days of Darkness feels like it lacks.

As always, I recommend readers go to the label’s web site to check out samples. This offering from Innfallen may be for some. It’s not for me.

Available from First Fallen Star.

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