The Ghost of 29 Megacycles, The Hummingbird Dream

This review will be brief for two reasons. First, it won’t take many words to encapsulate what Greg Taw has laid forth here. The Hummingbird Dream is a short, two-part disc that begins with a 24-minute immersive swirl of ambient guitar textures laid over rich organ drones and field recordings, a glistening fog of sound pulled to both horizons and set in gentle motion. In trying to capture a sense of sadness, Taw infuses his drifts with a tactile ache of the soul, a sense of shrugging resignation, the heartbroken art of watching moments pass through half-open eyes. He rounds off the disc with another 6 minutes of shoegaze-derived post-rock melancholy. (First time I heard the shimmering guitar I thought my iPod had shuffled me over to a Slow Dancing Society CD–which is a very strong compliment.) Vocals from Jessyca Hutchins and Rebecca Orchard fill the space like a distant half-memory that’s fading slowly.

The second reason this review is brief is simply because you need to stop reading now and go listen. The work speaks for itself, and you will listen to it over and over.

Available from Hellosquare Recordings.

One thought on “The Ghost of 29 Megacycles, The Hummingbird Dream

  1. Listening right now for the second time straight. Love this. Subtle shifts in tonality, almost imperceptible unless focus and attention are paid in full, evoking memories and feelings which are rarely conjured by anyone’s musical endeavors, my own notwithstanding. I find it amazing how music of such simplicity and brevity of content can move me this deeply. Expertly crafted and deftly left alone and unfettered by anything even slightly unnecessary. High on the list of my next batch of purchases.

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