Toaster, Vacations

If you’ve half an hour to kill, you might consider popping on Toaster’s Vacations to help pass the time–but be ready for a mixed bag. This five-song, 25-minute jaunt whips through a nice, bass-fueled downtempo groove (“I Think Everyone Has Gone”), an interesting jumble of rhythmically stitched-together noise (“Speaker’s Valise”), a gently hurried yet robotic sequenced joyride with glitchy percussive touches (“Drunk, Walk to Lake”), a mildly identity-challenged piece that shifts tone and tempo a few times (“Panties”) and an aggressive assault of electro-noise (“Practice Firing at the Clouds”). “Everyone” and “Drunk” are the standout tracks here, if only because they feel the most well-thought-out and listenable. I think this is where Toaster’s work is strongest. The noisier, more experimental tracks leave me shrugging and wondering why I don’t get it.

Check out samples or buy it online at Bandcamp.

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