Synoiz, Ambients

The debut CD from darkwave artist Synoiz offers up 14 tracks that range from New Age-y to dark ambient, with at least one stop that echoes 80s synthpop (“Getting Safer”). It’s all workable stuff, if a bit stiff-handed and starchy. There’s nothing here that has made me really sit up and take notice across several listens, nothing that demands to be heard. The one standout track for me is “Cooper,” a subtle, moody piece that lolls through its three minutes on a bass-driven melody and cool mechanical backdrop.

Samples are available at Synoiz’s web site.

3 thoughts on “Synoiz, Ambients

  1. I thought it was cracking too actually, much better than a lot of the stuff I’v picked up in the likes of hmv, big release stuff!

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