Canartic, Modulotion

I’ve always been a sucker for good bass guitar in any genre, and when I need a fix I can now reach for Canartic’s groovy-bass-thick new offering, Modulotion. Canartic is in full funky bloom here with their signature mashup of echo-loaded psychedelia, trippy dub and blissed-out guitar licks. And, of course, that bass.

One of the things I really enjoy about Canartic is how their sound owes as much to Motown as it does to Montego Bay. Randall Peterson’s guitar playing smacks sweetly of classic smooth R&B with a delicious funk frosting. The slow-played chords that lace their way through the smoke-filled space of “Pod Bai” are a fine example, lazy and seductive and familiar. Peterson gets quite jazzy in the center section of “Hueman,” and his playing there makes me stop whatever I’m doing to just be there with him. (There’s a sound bite in there saying, “Fabulous,” and I must agree.) Add reggae rhythms and cohort Jon Coats’ trippy soundwork backdrops and you’ve got a unique, infectious mix that just carries you along–and you’re happy to go. Dive into “Cleveland (Buzz)” for a tasty shot of Canartic at work…and play. That’s another thing. There’s a joy here, the sound of two guys working off each other’s leads and vibes, genuinely enjoying the creative process in motion.

While Modulotion is a solid CD all around, the duo really hit their stride in “Aux 1,” a dense froth of deep dub guitar and echoes, well-managed crunches of noise and frenetic guitar. It’s got a sense of wild abandon steered with a loose hand on the reins, and it’s simply fantastic.

I know from experience that listening to Canartic can leave you feeling a little high. So get your head ready and light up some Modulotion. It’s a Hypnagogue Highly Recommended CD.

Available from Dank Disk.

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