Hypnagogue Music Reviews

So Long, and Thanks for All the Support


Friends, I think it’s time to close up shop here at Hypnagogue Reviews. This decision has been a while in coming as I’ve watched my urge to write reviews go from a flame to a flicker. On top of that, the Shanahan family is about to uproot and move. This interruption of normalcy seems like the perfect cue to close this chapter.

I apologize with all possible sincerity to the many artists who were kind enough to send me music that I will not get around to writing about. Given the choice between not writing about you at all or writing about you half-heartedly, I choose to not write. Luckily, I am far from the only person out here writing about this music.

I am undecided on the future of the Hypnagogue Podcast. At the very least, the next episode will come out as planned (it’s almost done). Beyond that, we shall see.

This is a wonderful community, one that has been nice enough to accept and support this One Listener’s Opinion since 2003. I may still contribute to the greater conversation here and there, but for now it’s time to put away the reviewer hat, turn my creative efforts elsewhere, and see what the next idea will be. I thank you all and I bid you all peace & power.