Hypnagogue Music Reviews

O(f)verandas, (Adrift)


There isn’t much more to say about (Adrift) by O(f)verandas (Bernard Iannone) other than: if you want a half hour’s worth of quiet, mist-flecked drone work intent on quieting your mind, here it is. Iannone fills his lines with edge-of-roughness textures that never blur their easy beauty, and his backgrounds are active and filled with small, interesting sounds. Night sounds, manipulated voice, and odd, animal-like growls hide inside “(Shadows on the Grass),” creating an eerie scene. “(Time Becomes Space),” the longest piece here at 11 minutes, slips into true ambient space, a whispering thing that lightly hooks into your brain and brings it along on its slightly glittering, droning ride. Again, there is plenty of small detail work to take in, especially as the piece draws to a close.

For a short ride, (Adrift) gives you plenty to listen to. For drone work, it’s pretty active, but always retains its low-key feel. Well worth checking out, it puts O(f)verandas on my listening radar.

Available from Sparkwood Records.